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Company Introduction Shandong Meika Wheel Co., Ltd belongs to Shandong Dahai Group, is the wholly-owned subsidiary of Shandong Dahai Group. Our company founded in 2016, was located in Dongying city of Shandong Province, the famous tyre and wheel production base-Guangrao Xishui industrial Park. We set up our own experienced R&D team on the vehicle wheel design, production processing and marketing, tire trading, steel and steel billet sales. The registered capital is 20 million, covering an area of 60,000 square meters, with total assets of 500 million RMB, with more than 200 employees including more than 30 engineering and technical personnel, the total output value is near 1 billion RMB. The main products We mainly manufacture forging aluminum wheels with high-strength and light weight and forging aluminum parts of commercial vehicles, cars and other vehicles, including heavy-duty trucks, large and medium-sized passenger cars, trailers, dangerous goods transport van and other commercial vehicles. Currently, the products are mainly used for heavy duty vehicles, trucks and large and medium-sized passenger cars, our products have advantages of lighter, more beautiful, more stable, heat dissipation faster, stronger and etc. With the deepening of the company R & D gradient, the company's product line will be mainly focusing heavy duty load wheels in the future – supplemented both products for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, cars construction pattern. Equipment advantages: MEIKA's products adopt the forging and spining technolgy that are most advanced technology. A wheel after cutting, forging, cold spinning, T6 heat treatment, numerical control machine and surface treatment, can be used. We can get more precise design parameter quickly. The weight of wheel can be controlled immediately due to online and out of line quality control instruments. MEIKA alloy wheel has obtained the German TUV test certification, US DOT certification, Europe ECE certification and TS/16949 Quality Management System, American Smith Laboratory SAE standard test, which can guarantee the quality of our products. Current project situation The first phase of annual output around 500 000 sets of light weight forged aluminum wheels has been under mass running. After the second phase of annual 10 00 000 sets output completion, products range will be covering 15 DC tubeless truck bus series fully. Future plan Meika wheel with the wheel market trends, dig the market potential, set up a product research and innovation centre in cooperation with Shanghai Jiaotong University research and innovation, not only in the aspect of raw material and in technology, there is a major breakthrough, make the product has a higher strength, lighter materials, lightweight trend continues to improve. Good quality at the same time, Meika wheel will be relying on its advantage of technology and research and development, adapt to market trends, expand the original size, introducing of strong partners for joint expansion project, and extend product from truck bus market specialty vehicles to special vehicles, passenger cars market. Preliminary planning and gradually add 4 lines in 2 years, new forged aluminum alloy wheels production capacity of 2 million pieces, using forged master core technologies, achieve the vehicle lightweight extension of industrial chain within 3 years, for example, forged aluminum brake drums, drive shaft and so on. Built the country's largest production base of automobile Lightweight design.

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