Advanced Technique

1.Cutting process.
World–leading automatic and high precision cutting machine from German Moessner, enables each product’s weight difference within ±0.1kg, aluminum bar cutting meets production standards with precision.

2.Bar heating process:
Using Japan Sanken technology and Dongda Sensor furnace manage the aluminum bar reach the best forging temperature.

3.Press forging:
More than 10 000 tons forging press machine, fully ensures the work blank with more compact structure and much better performance.
4.Strength Cold Spinning:
The top brand of the world, German LEIFELD spinning machine, completes the cold spinning process automatically.

5.Enhanced T6 heating treatment:
Japan Sanken stepwise thermal treatment furnace completes the high-temperature solution treatment, quenching and low-temperature hardening process. An all-in-one systematic thermal treatment stabilizes the product inner structure of mechanical strength and solidity.
6.Machining production line: Taiwan Far East digital dual-blade turret lathe, processes in one go, thus make the product dynamic balance greatly improved.

7.Final polish:
Automatic system polish machine from Spain Autopulit gives final fine polish.
The polished products are safer, more stable and more environmental protective.

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